Flights to Orlando, Florida

Flights to Orlando: The Theme Park Capital of the World

The highlight of any trip to Florida, Orlando is one of the United States' biggest tourist draws thanks to its huge selection of theme parks, concert venues, and family entertainment activities. However, there is more to Orlando than theme parks.

Although the city is definitely best-known for its parks and rides, it has evolved into a huge metropolis with just about every amenity a visitor could ask for. For instance, the University of Central Florida offers public access to its huge arboretum, with 600 species of plants, including exotic ones. The Orlando Science center caters to visitors of all ages with interactive exhibits. Orlando has no less than 20 separate gold courses, as well.

All of these factors combine to make Orlando a tourist paradise for just about any visiting family – there is simply so much to see and do that you'll never get bored. The city's vibrant tourist industry is also home to wide variety of hotels and rental apartments tourists can use during their stay, most of which compete to offer better, more inclusive packages than rest.

With a subtropical climate tempered by its central location, Orlando is largely free of the extreme weather that occasionally batters its coastal neighbors. The city has two basic seasons – a hot, rainy season that lasts from May to September, and a cooler, dryer season that stretches from October to April.

September is Orlando's thunderstorm season. If you visit during this time, expect nearly daily afternoon downpours and spectacular lightning displays. For the rest of the year, however, Orlando's climate is one of the most pleasant in Florida.

Getting Around Orlando

Travelers who book flights to Orlando will often rent cars during the process. The car is by far the most popular way to get around the city, which exhibits a notable suburban sprawl. BYOjet can offer you special deals on rental cars in Orlando, and even help you book your hotel at a discounted rate. Just speak to one of our specialists or use our convenient online booking tool.

While the car is the most efficient way to get around Orlando, the city still suffers from significant traffic congestion – especially during rush hour. Traffic jams are very common near the major tourist areas and theme parks, particularly in the late afternoon and on weekend nights.

We recommend taking full advantage of local 511 service – you can get free, up-to-date traffic information by calling 511. This can help you avoid accidents, congestion, and other traffic nuances on your way around Orlando.

When driving in Orlando, pay special attention to other drivers on the road – aggressive driving is common and many drivers will speed recklessly along its major highways. It is common for aggressive drivers to tailgate cars moving along at the legal speed limit simply because so many drivers ignore those limits.

Also, ask your car rental company how it deals with the city's automatic toll roads. These roads use automatic transponders to assess tolls so that drivers don't have to stop and pay cash – but they rely on prepaid accounts that your car rental company should set up and provide for.

You can also easily get around Orlando by relying on shuttle buses. Most of the city's resorts, hotels, and theme parks offer shuttle bus service directly from the airport. Disney's Magical Express takes passengers from the airport directly to Walt Disney World, and the Orlando Airport Van provides shuttle service to Universal Studios Florida and Sea World.

For service to the rest of Orlando after leaving the airport, rely on the citywide LYNX service. Rides cost $2 and operate along 60 different lines covering most of Orlando. There is also one free bus service called LYMMO, operating a downtown circuit.

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Orlando Airport Facilities & Services

The Orlando International Airport provides a full selection of traveler amenities. The airport has its own full-scale hotel located inside the airport structure, a huge array of shops, and many fine dining options.

Orlando is one of the busiest cities in the country when it comes to car rentals. All of the major American car rental companies operate out of the airport, and many smaller companies operate alongside them as well, offering special services or vehicles to discriminating travelers.

If you're looking to rent a car or book a hotel with your flight to Orlando, have us help you lock in valuable discount prices for each. At BYOjet, we negotiate great deals with car rental agencies and hotels in our destination cities to make sure our travelers get the best deal possible – and we offer a guarantee that our prices are the lowest you'll find.

Orlando International Airport offers flights to Amsterdam, Dubai, New York, Dallas, Mexico City, London, and more. Some of the most popular international destinations include Frankfurt, Paris, Glasgow, and Brazil. Security screening at Orlando airport is usually very tight, and lines can get more than an hour long. Be sure to give yourself ample time to show up at the airport and get through security before boarding any flights.