Flights to Hyderabad

Flights to Hyderabad: India's Tech Metropolis

Hyderabad and its adjacent sister city Secunderabad are twin cities that make up the capital metropolis of Telangana in Southern India. While home to numerous centuries-old landmarks, the first thing that strikes travelers' eyes when entering Hyderabad is the proliferation of new development – this is a rapidly modernizing city with many brand new developments underway at nearly all times.

While the twin cities of Hyderabad and Secunderabad were once separated, in recent years they have grown to such an extent that they now represent a single large metroplex. Much of the metropolitan area is dominated by glass-and-steel structures built with tech money pouring in from some of the industry's biggest brands – both Microsoft and Google call Hyderabad their Indian home.

The city has a high Human Development Index, indicating that residents of the city enjoy a high quality of life. The official languages of this part of India are Telugu and Urdu – but most residents speak English as well, even if it is to a limited degree. This city is home to the Telugu film industry – India's second-largest.

The city of Hyderabad has a tropical wet and dry climate that becomes extremely rainy every year between June and September. If you want to enjoy Hyderabad during its most mild weather, plan to come between January and March.

Most travel to and from Hyderabad is for business purposes. This does not mean that the city cannot provide a meaningful tourist experience, but the proliferation of multinational tech companies in the city make it particularly attractive for business travel.

What to Expect After Flights to Hyderabad

Hyderabad is an ancient city, and unless you already know exactly where to go, you should be prepared for disorientation. Due to the city's meandering streets, the best way to orient yourself is in relation to the city's two largest bodies of water: Musi River and Hussain Sagar Lake.

Old City Hyderabad lies on the south bank of the Musi River, and includes a neighborhood known as Golkonda. Most of the city's historical attractions are located here.

• Secunderabad is to the northeast of the lake. Historically, this area was a military sector – this is why the roads are broader and better paved. You can find great parks, open spaces and restaurants in this area.

New City Hyderabad is located on the north bank of the Musi River. This is where you'll find most of the city's administrative offices and utilities providers, as well as a range of company headquarters.

• Punjagutta to Gachibowli are a series of interconnected neighborhoods that contain some of the city's more desirable addresses. Here, you'll find shopping areas, upmarket restaurants, and more. You will also find technology outsourcing companies based here.

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Getting Around in Hyderabad

Indian transportation is a common source of distress for travelers – while the state-owned TSRTC bus system offers citywide service, bus conditions can be very crowded and navigating the system can prove complicated. Fortunately, bus routes are displayed in two languages, one of which is always English.

If you choose to take a taxi or autorickshaw in Hyderabad, be prepared to pay extra for the privilege. While both forms of transportation are metered and payments must conform to state-mandated sums, in practice most drivers will simply claim their meter is not working. Then, they will quote a price estimate that is invariably higher than what the meter would charge.

Additionally, taxi and autorickshaw drivers will claim not to have change even when they do. This lets them keep slightly higher tips for their work. To prepare yourself, make sure you always have change on you.

Hyderabad's public drivers may also try to entice you to visit a pearl shop. While they claim you do not need to buy anything, their deal with the store owners is that they get a commission on whatever sells during such a visit. Avoid letting a driver take you to such a place.

For the best experience getting around in Hyderabad, use Uber or a similar ridesharing app that guarantees professional conduct from the beginning to the end of the ride.

Getting to and leaving the airport

To get to and from Hyderabad's busiest airport, us the PushPak Airport Liner, which travels through 20 inner city destinations before turning back towards the airport. You may also order taxis from the airport, but be on the lookout for sneaky drivers.

Hyderabad Facilities & Services

BYOjet is happy to book flights to and from Rajiv Ghandi airport. Simply let us know what you are looking for and we'll make sure you can enjoy discount prices on airfare hotel stays, and car rentals.

Rajiv Ghandi International airport has multiple lounges ideal for business and premium passengers. These lounges are located on the G level for travelers departing internationally, and the D level for arriving passengers. Nap and shower facilities are available at Level C. All airport locations feature business center and spa services – feel free to make use of them at your leisure.

The finest lounge in Rajiv Ghandi airprot is the Plaza Premium Lounge. This lounge offers flyers access to a self-sevice buffet, guest services, massages, and a fully functional business center complete with photocopying, faxing, and printing solutions.