Tigerair Australia

Flying with Tigerair Australia

Tigerair Australia is a low-cost airline with a fleet of 19 aircraft that mainly operates domestic flights. It has made a name for itself amongst Australians for regularly offering the lowest rates on the fifth busiest passenger route in the world – between Melbourne and Sydney. It also operates flights between Adelaide, Perth, Brisbane, and other major Australian cities – usually offering the cheapest flights of all airlines on its routes.

Unlike large global airlines, Tigerair's business philosophy is highly savings-oriented – customers pay only for the services they use. This is how the airline manages to drop prices well below those charged by its bigger competitors like Qantas and Jetstar. However, travelers will not have access to luxury amenities or First Class services, as Tigerair aircraft are fitted only with Economy seating.

Economy Class Options

Tigerair only offers Economy class seating in its modern Airbus A320 aircraft. The majority of passengers find that Tigerair aircraft are clean and comfortable – although there can be no comparison between the limitations of the Airbus 320 and its largest cousins.

Tigerairs' policy of letting passengers pay rock-bottom prices for airfare and then supplement their tickets with extra options means that you should be prepared to pay for the amenities that other airlines offer included in their ticket price. However, these rates are generally better than those of other low-cost airlines. For instance, the difference between a window seat and an aisle seat is generally in the range of $4.

Tigerair seats can recline, and offer a little more room than what low-cost passengers are used to, particularly when flying in Southeast Asia. Nevertheless, not all seats offer the same amount of legroom, so we recommend booking early and paying a small extra fee to ensure you get a good one.

Passengers who wish to enjoy greater carry-on baggage allowance and preferential treatment can purchase Cabin+ Economy tickets. This allows for priority boarding and nearly doubles your carry-on baggage allowance from seven kilograms to 12.

Carry-On and Checked Baggage Allowances

Tigerair allows passengers to bring two pieces of cabin baggage on board so long as neither weighs more than seven kilograms. These items must not exceed 54 centimeters in height, 38 centimeters in width, and 23 centimeters in depth. Storage space is usually at a premium on Tigerair flights, so be sure to get in line early so you can make sure you have access to your seat's overhead storage compartment.

Tigerair charges both for checked baggage, and the airline's rates change depending on the length of the flight. The minimum weight class for checked baggage is 15 kilograms, which costs $75 on short-haul flights under 105 minutes in length. For flights longer than 105 minutes, this rate increases to $90.

If you have more than 15 kilograms of baggage to check, be prepared to spend $20 per extra kilogram for short-haul flights and $25 per kilogram for long-haul flights. In cases where passengers have extra baggage to take home from holiday trips overseas, we recommend shipping your extra baggage to your home address in order to save money on baggage fees.

Save Money and Avoid Fees When Flying with Tigerair Australia

As is commonly the case with low-cost airlines, Tigerair charges for many of the amenities travelers often expect for free. Many of these, such as in-flight bar service, are not surprising considering the low ticket prices the airline offers.

However, some paid services may cause unexpected surprises. For instance, Tigerair charges a call center fee to any passenger who needs customer support over the phone to resolve a ticketing dispute. To save money by flying with Tigerair, you must take these fees into account and avoid them – receiving customer support over the phone costs an additional $35, regardless of whether customer support succeeds in resolving your problem or not.

Also, passengers traveling with infants may be surprised to see an additional $30 fee assessed to their account. This is Tigerair's infant fee, and it applies to any traveler who carries a small child on-board without purchasing an additional seat.

Name and flight changes typically cost in excess of $75 plus any difference in the value of the tickets changed – this can lead to changes that cost more than simply buying a new ticket. We recommend that low-cost flyers be absolutely sure they can fly on the days the book.

As long as you take care to avoid any extra fees, you can travel comfortably to a number of South Asian and Australian destinations without having to pay the large sums other airlines charge. This serves to make Tigerair an excellent choice for travelers on a budget.