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As the capital and second most populous city of the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi has long grappled with a reputation as a mere bureaucratic outpost. However, with the ascendance of Sheikh Khalifa in 2004, numerous public works began to alter the face of this important city, turning it into the bustling metropolis is now is today.

Located on the southeastern edge of the Arabian Peninsula, Abu Dhabi sits on a desert island straddling the North end of the adjoining Persian Gulf. The island itself is separated from the mainland by less than 1000 feet – the majority of recent commercial and residential development has taken place on the suburban mainland and nearby islands Saadiyat and Reem.

Most visitors come to Abu Dhabi for its luxurious hotels, shopping malls, and boutiques. There is also a wealth of small independent stores scattered throughout the city – this is where travelers can purchase authentic rugs, Middle Eastern antiques, and clothing. If you feel comfortable haggling with shopkeepers, you will enjoy Abu Dhabi's consumer climate – most shopkeepers are more than happy to oblige and many will offer deep discounts if you know how ask.

As a city located in a hot desert climate, Abu Dhabi is bright, sunny, and hot year-round. There is very little rain but dense fog is common, especially during winter months. January is the coolest month of the year, so if you want to beat the heat, that is the best time to do so.

International Flights to Abu Dhabi

Located just southwest of Yas Island, Abu Dhabi International Airport is the second largest one in the United Arab Emirates. It operates three passenger terminals and is home to more than thirty airlines offering service to more than 120 different destinations in 60 different countries. In 2011 and 2013, Airports Council International awarded the airport the distinction of being the 2nd Best Airport in the Middle East.

This airport's three passenger terminals are dominated by Etihad Airways, which offers regular flights to locations as far-off as Dallas, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, and more. Abu Dhabi Airport features built-in airport hotels, lounges, prayer rooms, showers, smoking areas, and more. In fact, Abu Dhabi airport boasts the world's first airport-based GoSleep sleeping pods – for 25-50 dirhams per hour, you can rent your own private sleeping pod in Terminal 3.

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Getting Around in Abu Dhabi

A word on directions – in Abu Dhabi, streets have both traditional names and official names. In recent years, the municipal government has attempted to organize the city into various zones and sectors using a labyrinthine system involving numbered street names on variously colored signs. Many a traveler has been confused by the fact that local streets have green signs while main thoroughfares are indicated by blue signs – and both use the same numbering system, so there are two entirely separate streets named "First Street".

Complicating matters is the fact that most Abu Dhabi residents ignore these new names and call streets by their traditional names. Ultimately, if you need to give or receive directions in Abu Dhabi, use landmarks.

Getting to and leaving the airport

Abu Dhabi's airport is located on the mainland, only a short distance away from the city proper, which inhabits the aptly named Abu Dhabi Island. As a city built on cars, it pays to rent one while you visit the city. However, if you plan on strictly staying within Abu Dhabi Island, then you may easily get around using only taxis and public transport.

Taxis offer convenient, affordable transportation for people who don't own, rent, or drive their own cars. You'll see silver taxis dotting the road on your journey through Abu Dhabi. You'll notice that airport taxis look more modern and have instructions written in English and Arabic – the usual cost for both airport taxis and regular ones is 3.50 dirhams.

Abu Dhabi buses are air conditioned, clean, and comfortable. The green and white A1 bus picks up airport travelers from the lower curbsides outside each Terminal. All bus stops are clearly marked with blue and white signs – you'll have no trouble finding them.

The A1 line that passes through the front of the airport terminals terminates at the Al Mina Fish Market on Al Nasr Street. Just before that, you can get off at the Tourist Club stop and take one of seven additional bus lines to almost any other part of Abu Dhabi. Consult the city's comprehensive local bus map for more information.

Abu Dhabi International Airport Facilities & Services

Abu Dhabi airport is one of the most modern and comfortable airports in the world – especially for travelers who enjoy high-class lounges. Each terminal has its choice of lounges:

• The Al Reem Lounge in Terminal 1 has a luxurious decor

• The Al Dhabi Lounge in Terminal 1 features an open bar.

• The Etihad Premium Lounge in Terminal 2 is fully-featured and comes with a concierge service.

• The Al Ghazal Lounge in Terminal 2 is a business lounge with complimentary Wi-Fi and a range of satellite television channels.

Only travelers who fly with Etihad Airways can gain access to Terminal 3's exclusive lounges, which include a first-class lounge and spa as well as a special US Premium Lounge available to travelers coming from or departing towards the United States.

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